Dan Sundermeier 2015 Nebraska Arborist of the Year

American Arborist's owner, Dan Sundermeier, was awarded the 2015 State of Nebraska Arborist of the Year! This was awarded for his service to the community, knowledge of arboriculture, and safe company practices. 

2 Pin Oak tree Removals by American Arborist

Here is an awesome video of American Arborist removing 2 huge backyard pin oak trees. 

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Here is one of our climbers removing a large cottonwood tree from a back yard.  

Call American Arborist for your tricky tree removals

We often get calls for the trickiest trees in town. This Bellevue walnut tree had grown over the house and deck. It was pushing agains the deck and causing problems inside the house and the homeowner wanted it removed. By lunchtime we had the tree removed and the yard cleaned up. This isn't the type of job you let an amateur tree company attempt. 

5 Box Elder tree removals in Omaha, Nebraska

American Arborist removed 5 box elder trees from this back yard.  Box elder trees are fine trees if you don't have them planted near anything but the trees will often be standing with lots of rot. They decay to the point they become dangerous and either fall or are very difficult to remove.  These 5 were starting to decline. It took 2 climbers all day to get the trees down. Some obstacles included fences, wires, decks, other trees, a play set, and houses. Lots of rope work and skill got them all down safely.

Scotch pine trees continue to die

Omaha scotch pines are hit hard by the pine sawyer beetle. These 4 had to be removed. If you have a scotch pine that is affected by pine wilt, remove it before the bugs spread to your others. The eggs will hatch by April and spread to neighboring trees. Here are before and after photos. 

Here is an example of leaf miners. These bugs are eating this linden tree's leaves.  If you see similar signs in your linden tree, let us know.
Here are a few photos from some more crane removals we did yesterday.

American Arborist crane removal

Here is a video from a crane removal we did this week.  From tree to chipper the material never hits the ground.  Hands down the safest and most effective way to remove a tree.