Tree Cutting Services

Tree cutting services provide home and business owners with an affordable way to ensure their trees are healthy and well-maintained. They also know what tools to use to make the process easier and safer for everyone involved.

Before hiring any tree service, ask to see their license and insurance. These documents will ensure that you’re working with a professional who’s experienced in their field and protects you from potential liability. Learn more.

Getting Started

Tree cutting services are a lucrative and sustainable business venture. They are a growing industry currently worth $29 billion, and can be run from your home.

A tree service will provide a wide range of tree care services, including pruning, cutting and stump removal. They can also remove trees that are dangerous to people or property.

Establishing a tree service requires professional training and certification. If you have these qualifications, you can establish a strong reputation and grow your business rapidly.

Depending on the size of your business, you may want to obtain business insurance and worker’s compensation. These policies protect your business and employees from lawsuits if something goes wrong during a project.

Once you have determined your startup costs and capital requirements, you should create a business plan. This will help you determine your business model, marketing strategy and staffing needs. It will also help you determine your target market and identify sources of funding if needed.

Safety First

When using Tree cutting services, you should always follow safety first. Taking this into consideration will help you avoid injuries, amputations, electrocution, falling branches and other hazards.

You should also make sure the work area is safe for your crew and others in the vicinity. This includes making sure road traffic can safely pass through the work zone and that any pedestrians, pets, or passersby are properly protected by safety zones and other signage.

Keep a safe distance away from power lines

Electricity can cause serious injury or death when an employee or a tool touches a line while working. This is especially true when an employee trims a tree limb or branch.

When climbing, changing locations or performing elevated tree work, employees may need to wear personal fall protection systems such as harnesses and/or lanyards. CSHOs will inspect the use of such systems when they are onsite to ensure compliance with OSHA’s personal fall protection system standard.


Tree cutting services use a variety of tools to get the job done. It may include a chainsaw, a sharp axe, stump grinder and lopper or crosscut saw.

The best tool for cutting trees is a chainsaw because it can cut through medium-sized trees easily and quickly. It also makes clean cuts without damaging the tree.

Another tool that tree service professionals use is a bucket truck. This is a great option for removing or trimming tall trees that are difficult to reach by ladder.

Using this equipment is risky and requires the right safety gear. A hard hat, work gloves and fall and rescue suspenders are essentials.


The cost of tree cutting services varies widely, but it can be as low as $80 to as high as $2,000. How much you pay depends on the size and location of the tree.

Accessibility is also an important factor in pricing. If the tree is located in a tight space that requires specialized equipment, it will be more expensive to trim.

How close a tree is to other structures and power lines also contributes to the price. If the professional has to use a bucket truck or platform lift, the cost will go up.

Tree health issues will increase your final bill, since a professional must test the soil to identify any fungus or pest problems that may be present. They may also need to spray the trees for pests. Browse next article.