We'll trim your trees to keep them healthy, beautiful, and safely away from any structures. We prune trees with an eye toward how they will fill out in the coming years, which will cut down on your maintenance costs long-term. Some of the common issues we look for to ensure the future health of your tree are competing branches and codominant stems. With our equipment and skills, we can make quick work of any job, regardless of proximity to roofs, power lines and other infrastructure.

Do you own or manage an apartment or HOA? We take care of entire neighborhoods of trees for associations and large apartment complexes.



Our company removes unwanted or hazardous trees safely, efficiently and with utmost care for your property. Working in an urban environment, we often have to work around power lines and in compact spaces between buildings, and we have the equipment and expertise to get those difficult jobs done right. Our bucket trucks, crane, and backyard spider lift allow us to access almost any tree and remove it faster, safer, and more efficiently than traditional methods. But when that equipment doesn’t cut it, our experienced crew steps in with the climbing and rope skills to take down trees safely.


Storm damage

Our crew responds quickly when storms hit your trees and works carefully to make sure no further damage is done to your vehicle or home. After bad storms, we put our regular work on hold to prioritize these unexpected, emergency jobs for the safety of the community.


Stump Grinding

We'll grind unsightly stumps into wood chips, backfill the hole with the grindings, and haul away any excess chips above ground level, leaving you with a smooth yard. Grass will grow over the spot if you replace the top layer of wood chips with soil and spread seed. We offer this as part of our tree removals, but we can also help with existing stumps leftover from previous removals. Our stump grinder can get through a gate opening as small as 36”, allowing us to work without delays in compact urban environments.


Thorough Cleanup

This isn’t an add-on service but an integral part of every job we do. We want your yard to look as nice or better than we found it, so we take extra care to clean up after we’ve finished our work on the trees. We only leave wood behind if a customer requests it. Otherwise, we haul away or chip everything. This philosophy extends into our approach at the start of each job: putting down alturnamats to protect your lawn, investing in equipment that doesn’t cause damage, and using techniques that minimize messes.