Nebraska Arborist Association Member  Tree Care Industry Association Member  2015 Nebraska Arborist of the Year

I’m Dan Sundermeier, the founder and lead arborist of American Arborist. My favorite jobs to do are the ones that require the most technical skill, jobs that require a lot of problem solving and precision.

Since starting my company in 2009, I’ve become a certified arborist and am constantly striving to push myself and the local tree care industry to a higher standard. In 2015, I was named the Nebraska Arborist of the Year for my service to the community, knowledge of arboriculture, and safe company practices. It was an incredible honor, especially since it was the first year I became eligible for the award. In the past few years, I’ve incorporated more crane removals into my business practice, which require additional skill to execute but are often safer and faster. I even helped organize a crane safety course led by Mark Chisholm, a pioneer in many of the best practices for crane tree removals, that was sold out and attended by professionals from six states.

When I’m not working, I enjoy cycling, snowboarding, camping, and traveling with my wife and our two dogs.

Nebraska Arborist Association Member

Tree Care Industry Association Member

2015 Nebraska Arborist of the Year


Commitment to Quality and safety

At American Arborist, we pride ourselves on doing the job correctly at a fair price. We aim to work quickly, but we always prioritize safety and proper tree care over convenience, and always comply with government and industry standards.

We invest in the crew training and equipment it takes to do challenging jobs. Since we usually work in a compact urban environment, we have machines that can pass through a 36” gate and others that can reach over buildings to pick out otherwise inaccessible trees.

Our company is fully licensed and insured, including workers comp insurance, without which homeowners would be liable for any crew injuries on their property. We are happy to provide proof of insurance to any customer and recommend that people request this of any tree company they hire.


Sustainability efforts

As an avid outdoorsman, I believe it is important to protect our natural resources. While I counsel customers on ways to preserve their healthy trees whenever possible, there are times when a tree just has to come down. Many of these contain viable wood that doesn’t belong in a landfill and could be put to better use than mulch, but for years there wasn’t a good alternative. So in 2014, my dad and I invested in a Lucas Mill and founded American Arborist Wood Products to give those trees a second life as beautiful materials. We specialize in large live edge slabs, beams, mantels, and producing unusual cuts of wood for your custom projects. Give us a call at (402) 915-2876 or visit our shop in the new North Makerhood, 1215 N. 11th St., to see what we currently have in stock.