Hummel Park Nature Center

Hummel Park Nature Center is a beautiful place to visit. It has many activities to enjoy including hiking trails, disc golf and fishing lakes!

The park has been a summer camp for decades and is loved by Omaha children. But, the cost can be too much for some families. Click Here.

1. Disc Golf Course

Hummel Park is a 200-acre natural area with hiking trails, picnic areas and a disc golf course. The park is managed by the Omaha Parks and Recreation Department.

It is known for its Devil’s Slide cliff overlook, which offers a stunning view of the Missouri River. The park also has playgrounds, horseshoe pits and picnic shelters.

Despite the beautiful nature of Hummel Park, it has a dark history of paranormal activity and lynchings. There have even been reports of animal sacrifices.

2. Splash Pad

The splash pad at Hummel Park Nature Center is a nice way to cool down on a hot day. It has a really cool water feature and lots of different fountains.

Located on the north outskirts of Omaha in North Omaha, it’s a great place to spend an afternoon.

The park also offers a disc golf course, picnic shelters and nature trails. It’s a fun spot for kids, adults and families alike. And it has its own nifty ol’ mascot.

3. Picnic Shelters

Hummel Park offers a variety of picnic shelters and gazebos. There are also playgrounds, revamped campsites, horseshoe pits and nature trails.

The park is a great place for families to enjoy the outdoors and have fun with each other. It’s also a popular destination for weddings and other special events.

The Hummel Park Nature Center is operated by the City of Omaha and provides environmental education programs as well as special nature events. Several urban legends have been attributed to the park including an “Indian burial ground” and stories of animal sacrifices, lynchings and racist graffiti. Get More Info.

4. Nature Trails

The nature trails at Hummel Park are a great way for kids to explore and learn about the natural world. It’s a popular spot for hikers and bird watchers too.

The bluffs of the Missouri River provide a dramatic backdrop for this beautiful park. The area is also home to a historic trader’s fort and a Native American burial ground.

There are a number of urban legends about Hummel Park, including that it is a secret albino farm or colony of albinos, and that lynchings and animal sacrifices have happened there. But there is no proof of these claims and none of the stories have been substantiated by any historical research.

5. Fireworks Extravaganza

Hummel Park Nature Center is a beautiful and peaceful community center where you can enjoy hiking trails, a playground and more. The park also offers environmental education programs and special nature events.

There are a lot of rumors about this park though, including reports of lynchings, paranormal phenomenon and animal sacrifices. However, the truth is that this park is a beloved and well-used area.

The park is on a cliff overlooking the Missouri River Valley and is a great place for picnicking, hiking, and enjoying the view. The park is a safe and family-friendly place to visit with kids and adults alike.

6. Sledding Hill

Hummel Park Nature Center is a beautiful spot to visit and explore. They have many activities and special programs during the year.

There is a sledding hill for kids to enjoy in the winter. It is a two-story hill and has a gradual walkway up to get you to the top for sledding!

This is a favorite place for families to go for sledding. There is also a playground, paved trails and shelters to rent. See This Article.

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