Siberian Elm tree removal

This Elm tree was over 2 houses.  The roots were restricted by the retaining walls around it. Because of its size and poor root structure the homeowners opted to have the tree removed.  We were able to get truck access to the tree.  Lowering it piece by piece over houses, the driveway, and a fence took us only 4.5 hours with cleanup.

Hackberry tree split and fell

We were called out to remove a hackberry tree that split and fell on a customers house.  These trees are very prone to splitting and this is a perfect example.  With no crane access to the tree American Arborist utilizes other tools to get the job done.  Here we are using a GRCS winch to lift the tree off of the roof. This log weighs around 1200 lbs.  Watch how easily it lifts it.

Directly under the log is a sliding glass door and a concrete patio, so the log couldn't just be rolled off either.

Cottonwood tree removal in Ft. Calhoun, NE

This was part of our technique for removing this cottonwood next to a house.  We dismantled half of the tree before making sure the weight would allow to pull it over.

Japanese Beetles in Omaha, Nebraska

These Japanese beetles have taken over in 2012. They are devastating the landscape.  They prefer Linden trees and roses. They will also eat birch trees we've found.  Do you have lots of holes in your leaves?  Good chance its these beetles.  Want us to get rid of them?  We can do tree spraying or injections to protect your tree assets.  Call us today for an estimate.

New tree IV injector

Check out American arborist's new tree IV kit. This tool allows us to inject high volumes of nutrients or chemicals into trees. This tool is used to treat trees with chlorosis (iron defficiency), fungi, or insect problems. Ask us today what this tool can do for your trees. 

Tree removal over house

Up in a tree today.

New truck

Big week for American Arborist. Just drove back from LA with a new bucket truck. 

Cool moth

I almost cut this with the chainsaw his camouflage was so good.

Just a few of our tools

Here are some of our saws. They range from 14" to 60" long.

Silver Maple Tree Removal

Watch as American Arborist pulls this large limb from the tree using a Vermeer mini skid steer and a bucket truck.

Big removal

Big maple tree removal at 90 and Dodge.  Tree down in 1 day.  

3 Squirrels Saved During Removal

We found 3 squirrels in a tree during a removal and got them to the local wildlife rescue group.


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Storm damage from weekend winds

Pine tree removal

This tree was stricken with pine wilt.  Unfortunately there are no cures for pine wilt at this time. If your tree is infected, the most responsible thing to do is to remove it quickly. If you don't, it will likely contaminate your neighbors tree.