An Interesting Story

In 2010, 1/5th of Pakistan was under water.  How did the spiders survive this flooding? They all retreated into the trees.  With the overpopulation of spiders in the trees, the trees were entirely covered by webs!  What an interesting phenomenon.
Photos UK Department for International Development


Hiring an Arborist

When hiring an arborist, give careful consideration to their qualifications. A qualified arborist will properly and carefully perform basic tree care activities, while hiring an unqualified arborist may actually result in tree damage. Unqualified persons also may not have proper insurance, leaving a liability burden to the customer that could run into the thousands of dollars.

There are several important points to consider when hiring an arborist:

  • Be cautious of any arborist or tree care service that advises "topping" trees. Topping is not an approved tree care practice and will result in serious tree damage or premature death of the tree.
  • Ask arborists if they are certified by the Nebraska Arborists Association (NAA) or the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). While arborists are not required to be certified, certification does indicate the arborist has a high degree of knowledge of tree care.
  • Ask arborists for certificates of insurance, including proof of liability for personal and property damage and workman's compensation. You may wish to contact the arborist's insurance company to be sure the policies are current. In some instances, you may be held financially liable if an uninsured worker is hurt on your property or if an uninsured worker damages a neighbor's property.
  • Ask for local references and take time to examine some of the arborist's work.
  • Be wary of arborists who come to your home and tell you a tree on your property will "die without immediate attention." Most reputable tree care companies do not need to solicit business.
  • Get more than one estimate.
  • A conscientious arborist will not use climbing spikes unless they are removing a tree. Spikes create wounds in the tree that can lead to disease and decay.
  • A good arborist will not be inexpensive, but the quality of their work will be worth the expense.

*taken from UNL's guide for hiring an arborist.

Bagworms in Nebraska

  • What are Bagworms?
    • Bagworms are an insect.
  • What do Bagworms do?
    • Bagworms defoliate trees, mostly evergreen trees.
  • How do I spot Bagworms?
    • Bagworms will be seen in larvae form, hanging from twigs in the tree.
  • How do I treat my tree for Bagworms?
    • On small trees, the best method for removal is a manual inspection and removal of each bagworm. On larger trees, however, this may be impractical. Bt, a chemical insecticide, should be applied to affected trees to prevent defoliation.

Here is a short video from UNL about bagworms in Nebraska.

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American Arborist tree care provider removed this large silver maple tree in Dundee, Omaha without damaging the 2 houses, fence or phone lines under it.

Large silver maple tree removal in Dundee that is over 2 houses, a fence, and phone lines.

Pine Wilt Removals in Action.

These Scotch Pines were let go for too long.  You can clearly see that they are all brown.  Don't wait this long to remove your diseased pines for 2 reasons.  #1 It looks bad.  #2  The beetles will start leaving this tree and moving on to a healthier tree. 

Pine Wilt in the World Herald

Omaha World Herald article about pine wilt. Call American Arborist to see if your trees are infected.
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