OPPD Tree Grants

OPPD is giving away grants to plant trees.  Here are the details:

Tree Promotion Program

OPPD’s Tree Promotion Program was developed to actively promote the planting of trees, and to provide education concerning the value, selection, placement and welfare of trees. (To see a gallery of pictures from Tree Promotion projects, please click on the photo to the right.)
OPPD has established a Tree-Planting Program for the purpose of promoting and sponsoring community tree-planting projects. Nonprofit groups, organizations and schools interested in requesting an OPPD tree-planting sponsorship must comply with these guidelines:
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Quality Tree Care

OPPD Named Tree Line USA Utility.
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1. Sponsorships are available to nonprofit groups, organizations and schools with a formal leadership structure.
2. Application for sponsorship must be made by a person who is in a leadership position within the requesting group.
3. All prospective tree-planting projects must be in OPPD's service area.
4. Prospective tree-planting project sites must be on public property or property owned by nonprofit organizations.
5. Applicants must have permission to execute a project from the public agency or nonprofit organization responsible for the proposed planting site.
6. A project must be limited to one planting plan and one planting site.
7. Planning, preparation and execution of the project shall be the responsibility of the requesting group.
8. OPPD sponsorship funds shall be used only for the purchase and planting of trees and shrubs. Sponsorship funds will not cover materials such as flowers, grass seed, mulch, landscape fabric, edging and fertilizer. Tree and shrub purchases are limited to the amount awarded. If purchases exceed the amount awarded, the award recipient shall be responsible for paying all expenses over and above the amount awarded. (Funds may be used to acquire the services of a qualified nursery person to perform or supervise the tree-planting work.)
9. All trees and shrubs shall be purchased from a reputable nursery in Nebraska.
10. All deciduous trees should be no larger than 3 inches in diameter/caliper and conifers no larger than 6 feet in height.
11. All trees and shrubs shall be properly planted and mulched.
12. The project, or portion of the project funded by OPPD, must be completed as planned and verified by OPPD and invoice received by December 1 of the sponsorship application year. Failure to comply may result in forfeiture of sponsorship award.

Criteria for Awarding Tree-Planting Sponsorships

The OPPD Tree-Planting Program is limited; therefore, all requests for sponsorship may not be honored. Maximum funding for projects is $2,500. Actual award may be less than the amount requested.
The selection and funding of projects will be determined using the following criteria:
1. Completeness of application and formal planting plan. Each tree and shrub, for which sponsorship is being requested, must be specifically identified on the planting plan.
2. Applicant’s base of support for the project (i.e., project funding contributed by requesting group, volunteer effort, commitment to future maintenance of project).
3. Educational value
4. Community benefit and need
5. Plant material selection (size and specie)
6. Location of project


The following are procedures for the application and awarding of OPPD tree-planting sponsorships. All applicants whose projects are not selected for 2011 Sponsorship funds will be notified by letter.


1. Submit application and formal planting plan (please see this example of a planting plan, indicating specie type, number and location) by March 25, 2011. Use only the OPPD tree-planting sponsorship 2011 application form.
2. Preliminary approval for sponsorship will be based on the application and planting plan. The applicant will be notified by April 8, 2011, if preliminary approval has been made.

Following Preliminary Approval:

1. Project site inspection by OPPD with applicant
2. Review of planting plan with applicant (Plant materials and planting locations identified. OPPD may require minor changes to planting plan.)
3. Project timetable reviewed
4. Nursery where plant materials will be purchased identified
5. Actual dollar amount of OPPD sponsorship determined
6. Final project approval or denial by OPPD

Following Final Approval:

1. Changes in nursery planting material or planting locations must be approved by OPPD.
2. NOTIFY OPPD AT LEAST THREE DAYS BEFORE THE ACTUAL PLANTING DATE. Planting site must be staked to identify tree locations and species.
3. Submit a final copy of nursery’s invoice to OPPD within two weeks of the completion date of the project.
4. Project site will be inspected by OPPD after completion.
5. OPPD will award sponsorship funds. Checks will be made payable to “requesting group” only.
6. Failure to comply with any of the above procedures may result in a forfeiture of sponsorship funds.

Taken from http://www.oppd.com/AimGreen/Trees/22_001171