We just finished a job with 4 large maple trees. Here is a photo of one of the more difficult trees. This one was over two sheds, a patio, a fence, and a house. Most of it had to be lowered down piece by piece. The trunk was about 40 inches across.

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The Top 10 Man-made Tree Killers

  1. Soil compaction and root damage
  2. Topping and harmful cuts
  3. Over-Thinning and Canopy elevations
  4. Over-watering
  5. Neighboring tree removals
  6. Planting too deep
  7. Wrong tree/wrong place
  8. Cambial injuries to trunk
  9. Poor cabling and damage repair
  10. Over fertilizing or treating

Topping is Bad

Topping is the practice of cutting a tree down to a desired height.  The cuts made are in the middle of the branch and the hope is that some new branches will then grow at this new height.  It is a practice considered harmful to the tree and is punishable by a fine when done by a licensed arborist.  The tree is never really very healthy again.  Here are some examples of tree topping:

If you are considering topping your tree, don't.  It would be better just to remove the tree entirely.  If you are worried about the height of the tree, or certain branches, contact an arborist and get some advice on how to care for the tree.

New Business Cards

If you haven't gotten my new business card yet, and would like one, please call or write me and I will be sure to get you a few.  This business is based largely on referrals, so any referrals you send my way would be greatly appreciated.

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Spring Cleaning

Spring is a great time to trim your tree.  The tree has not dedicated much energy into growing leaves yet and cuts are less likely to get infection.  If you notice that your tree has some damage from winter, give me a call for a free estimate and consultation.