One of these trees is not like the other ones

Does your tree look like this? Many pines in the central U.S. have been affected by pine wilt. Pine wilt is spread by pine sawyer beetles from tree to tree. The beetles carry a small parasite and transfer the it when they feed on the tree. The only way to destroy the beetle is to burn or chip the tree. If your pine is starting to wilt, chances are it has pine wilt and IT NEEDS TO BE REMOVED!!! Even if it still has green on it, it is an infected tree. This infected tree will spread to other trees around. The inaction of removal will in fact cost much more. For more information on pine wilt refer to this University of Nebraska page.

For those of you with a very healthy pine that you do not want to lose, there is help. Do not pay to have your tree sprayed. There is no chemical spray that will save your pine. There is however an injection that has been proven to work here in Nebraska. Please ask us to evaluate your pine tree for treatments.