Deer Scraping

My parents live on an acreage with lots of young trees that they planted. This year the deer have really gone after the trees by marking their territory. This ritual act can severely damage or kill your young tree. They came to me asking what can be done to protect them. Here are two common methods to keep them away. #1 Physical barrier. Some fence posts and chicken wire is definately the most fool proof method to protect your tree. #2 Irish Spring Soap. Wire around all of the trees is expensive and unsightly. Irish Spring soap hung from the tree in a stocking or by rope is sure to keep the deer away. They mark their territory by scraping the bark and by urinating on the tree. If the tree smells so strongly of something else, they will leave it alone.
I hope this helps any of you that have had deer problems. My new bow is in the mail. Hopefully that will help with some of the deer at my parents as well!